New shoes? Get snow shoes.

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Why snowshoeing is the perfect activity.

Every here and then a woman needs new shoes. So why don’t you get snow shoes this season? When I started with snowshoeing I loved it straight away. I first thought it’s kinda boring but it isn’t. It’s so much fun and multiplies the possibilities of outdoor activities in Winter. If you can’t run in the alps, snowshoeing is the perfect workout. And if you like hiking, I bet snow shoe hiking will be your thing.

Beautiful winter field söllbach
On my way to Hirschberg

Three topics to think about.

One bad thing about winter sports: equipment is expensive. I guess the most of you possess poles anyway same as wintery outdoor clothes and warm boots. The only thing you need to organize are the snowshoes. You don’t need to buy them straight away, cause a lot of stores rent them. In Munich it’s pretty easy to get them from Deutscher Alpenverein. Most of the shops in ski areas rent them aswell.
If you decide to buy them you need to make up your mind, what exactly you wanna do with them first. There a basically three categories of snowshoes: one for flat terrain, one for rolling terrain and one for steep mountain terrains. Best thing is to go to a specialized store and get a professional advice.

All the winter sports need a lot of training. Just think back when you started skiing or snowboarding. I started skiing 6 years ago and I still need to learn sooo sooo much… A lot different with snowshoeing. You pretty much don’t need any technique. I would only suggest to start with a short and not to steep hike, just to get comfortable.

A lot of people don’t think about avalanches while snowshoeing. I don’t now why. It doesn’t matter if you traverse a snowfield whit ski or snowshoes. A snow slab can break away anytime if conditions are bad. Please get yourself informed of how to avoid and prepare for avalanches.

Three hikes around Munich

Of the other side of Sudelfels Skifields there is a stunning hike you can do. From the parking lot directly at B307 take the path to Wasserburger Hütte and follow sings to Mitteralm (open in Winter). The last bit to the hut is pretty steep, please stay on the trail.

  • Distance from Munich: 73km
  • Length: 11 km return and 500 meters in height.
  • Facts: Check out the Arzmoos Falls. If it’s cold enough you see ice climbers there. It’s pretty imposing to watch
snow shoe hike to Mitteralm

When we hiked this way we met nobody else. This is 100% my kind of trip. Only me, my hiking buddy and nature. Start from the parking lot at Hinterer Sonnbergweg. Follow this path to Trainsalm and than to Mariandlalm. Follow Trckenbach back to the car.

  • Distance from Munich: 78km
  • Length: 13km circuit with approx 750 meters in height.
  • Length: halfway between Trainsalm and Mariandlalm you can step up the game and conquer Trainsjoch or Ascherjoch. Each 2km return extra.
snow shoe hike to Mariandlalm

Yes, Hirschberg is a classic, not a secret, I know… I recommend to start at the Söllbach parking lot and not in Scharling. You hike through gorgeous forest (header picture) and when Söllbach is frozen its a place not from this world.

  • Distance from Munich: 55km
  • Way up: 6,7km to Hirschberghaus with 710 meters in height.
  • Way down: 5km (forest road) to Scharling, take the bus to Söllbach.
  • Facts: Bring a Zipfelbob aka lightweight plastic toboggan to reach Scharling.
snowshoeing hike to Hirschberg

I hope I yours inspire you to a trip with snow shoes. Please let me know what you think of my suggestion in the comments.

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