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I thought I give you guys a short introduction and tell a little bit about me and how I became a trailrunner and outdoor lover, passionate hiker and foodie.

I grew up in Limburg an der Lahn a small town in Hessia, close to Frankfurt am Main in the middle of Germany. Pretty much no Mountains there. Hessias highest peak is the Wasserkuppe with only 950m. This one, as pretty as it is, was not the reason for my outdoor addiction. As a kid I loved the summer toboggan, but walking around with my parents, please don’t make me. That happened a lot later.


I was always a huge fan of Australia and at 16 I finally travelled down under the very first time. I instantly fell in love with the whole country and especially with Melbourne. Back then I gave myself the firm promise to return one day and live there for some time. After finishing my studies in 2006 is was time to go and I travelled to Australia and New Zealand for three months. I started bushwalking, camping, cooking outdoors and loved to be in remote areas where no one else was. Obviously this is pretty easy in a huge country like Australia. In New Zealand I started hiking, even though it was raining and stormy most of the time. I will never forget the beauty of this country, especially Tongariro National Park, Mt. Cook and the Milford Track I have kept in good memory.

Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia

When I returned to Germany I kinda had the feeling that I still have unfinished business in Australia. It took me another two years to realize that I had to pack my stuff again and move over. I lived almost 3 years in Melbourne. In this time I met the most amazing people (which I still call my dear friends), travelled more around the country & NZ and got this weird accent I love to listen to and will never loose.

While living in Frankfurt I was running occasionally but in Australia I started running regularly. I lived close to Royal Albert Park and the beach of St. Kilda wasn’t far aswell. As much as I love running, „real“ trailrunning entered my life not until I moved to Munich.


I returned to Germany in 2011 and it was pretty clear that I can’t live in Frankfurt any more. The outdoors got to important. I applied for several jobs in the south of Germany, Innsbruck and Zurich and destiny brought me to Munich. It was the best decision ever to move there. Eight years later I still love this charming and sometimes strangely backward City of Munich.

One day I was travelling to the Alps for a hike and when I arrived at the parking lot, I realized that I forgot my hiking boots. Lucky me, I was wearing running shoes and so I started running instead of hiking. Today I love hiking alone or with my fellow Munich Mountain Girls, trailrunning in the Alpes and running in the city aswell with the awesome crew of Adidas Runners Munich.

Trailrunner and outdoor lover
Very early picture without proper trail shoes at this stage.

Hmmm… and Ohmmm.

My other passion is food, cooking and taking pictures of my creations. Cause you need to eat the right stuff when you wanna conquer mountains, right… ? 🙂 Yoga is another thing I love and I try to practice twice a week. I came across Yin Yoga last year in Bali and got hooked straight away. I think Yoga and the relaxing Yin Yoga are perfect for runners to balance out your body and gain a strong one.

Smoothie bowl for trailrunner and  outdoor lover
Berry’ish smoothie bowl with homemade granola.

Luckily I have a lot of time to do what I love. As a Freelance Senior Art Director I make my own hours and can travel to the Alps during the week often enough to find these beloved quiet spots.

Sorry, my introduction got a bit longer than planned, hihihi… I hope I got you interested in my alpine, urban and foodie life and stay with me here on my blog.

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    04/23/2019 at 03:49

    You girl rock😘 Alles Liebe aus Down Under🇦🇺
    Freu mich hier mehr von dir zu lesen😻

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      04/29/2019 at 16:36

      HUHU, Danke. Ja, hab diverse Artikel am Start, da gibts definitiv bald mehr… :)) LG nach Oz

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