Sunrise trailruns

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Sunrise ist the biggest reward.

I love trailrunning, but sunrise trailruns are the best. And who doesn’t like sunrises, anyway…? A new day is born and I am able to witness this magic moment on top of a mountain. Everything is quiet and peaceful, nature is waking up softly. The colors change from dark blues and greys to lilac pastel tones, then to vibrant yellow and orange colors till everything is bright and shiny. And everything happens so quick. You better run… 🙂

Munich hidden under clouds.

I hope I got you interested enough to set a date, find a mountain and run off. In order that your next or first sunrise trail run will be as awesome as I described it, I put together a few tipps. I also made a list of some mountains which are not too far away from Munich and easy to reach.


“There is nothing like bad weather, only bad clothes.” I bet you heard about this quote and it’s so true. Especially in the Alps, the right clothes and gear are crucial.

First things first
I skip breakfast before an early bird run, never before a sunrise trailrun. I need power to conquer a mountain that early. While driving, my body has enough time to digest. I still recommend to eat something stomach-friendly, like porridge with banana. My favorite thing by the way… Nevertheless I bring a power bar just in case.

Layering is key. A warm undergarment preferably merino, longsleeve, tights and a windbreaker as a basic outfit. In winter times a headband and gloves are a must as well as merino socks. My bum gets cold very easily, thats why I wear a pair of shorts or my beloved padded skirt above a tight. Weather can change in the Alpes very quickly. Better bring a thin rain jacket or at least a rescue blanket. I always bring a shirt to change aswell. At the summit usually the wind is strong and you need an extra layer while waiting for the sun. The worst would be to shiver and freeze so badly that you can’t enjoy the sunrise or even leave before the sun is entirely up. Mind my word, bring extra clothes and maybe a beanie aswell.

When you go for a run during full moon, you may not need a headlamp. I prefer running without one, but especially in the forest were the moonlight doesn’t reach the ground, running won’t work without one. You don’t wanna miss a root or step and hurt yourself. I never go to the alps without a first aid kid. Even at the shortest hike I bring a small one. Poles are nesseccary for me due to my slightly damaged knees, but I usually only use them when running down. As I wrote earlier, I bring something to eat and drink. Light running vests are super practical to store everything away.

Where to go?

Here are two of my most beloved sunrise trailruns with a brief descriptions. I picked them because they have an awesome view and the sun comes up in a perfect setting. I know there are plenty off others and I’m happy to hear your recommendations. Please leave me your comments down below.

This is were all the pictures from the blogpost are from. You have a perfect 360° view. Munich in the distance with Kochelsee and other lakes in front of you, Karwendel at the other side with Walchensee. Benediktenwand to the left, Herzogstand and Heimgarten to the right.

  • Distance from Munich: 80km
  • Way up: 3 km (trail). I know sounds lame but you have to manage 672 meters in height.
  • Way down: 7km (trail or gravel road) down to the lake and back to the car.
  • Facts: Walchensee is perfect for a swim and the turquoise water is pure bliss. You can extend the run and encircle the lake: extra 25km
On top of Jochberg.

In summer or during the day I prefer the trail along Pfanngraben. It’s so much more scenic to run next to the rock pools instead of the road. For the sunrise trail run vice versa. The view on top of Rotwand is 360° with Zugspitze in the distance. With a clear sky you can see to Wilder Kaiser and Zillertal Alps in Austria aswell.

  • Distance from Munich: 64km
  • Way up: 7 km (road) and 860 meters in height.
  • Way down: 7km (road), 7km around Lempertsberg (trail) or 8km along Pfanngraben (trail)
  • Facts: look out for marmots, there are a lot around the summit.

I hope I got you hooked and maybe you will join me for a run. I will offer Sunrise Trailruns with adidas Runners Munich. Just check the facebook page for the latest schedules.

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